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Colby cheese, originally called Colby Swiss Cheddar is a semi-hard American cheese prepared from cow’s milk. It is many-a-times compared to cheddar cheese since both are dyed to appear orange, even though they taste radically different. Due to U.S. dairy regulations, Colby cheese is made from pasteurized cow’s milk and is available at many grocery stores.

The cheese was developed in the 1874 by Joseph Steinwand at his cheese factory near Colby, Wisconsin. While the cheese looks similar Cheddar due to the color, Colby cheese is softer, has a more open texture and higher moisture content. The flavor is much milder and creamy if compared to Cheddar. It does not undergo the “cheddaring” process but is instead manufactured with a washed curd process that reduces the acid content making the cheese less tangy.

An aged Colby becomes cracked and dry and therefore the cheese is to be eaten as young as possible. Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Shiraz wines pair well with the American cheese. The gentle flavor and texture of Colby gives a new definition to grilled sandwiches, hamburgers, fajitas, chili, rye bread or apples and pears. To accentuate the flavor it is sometimes blended with other cheeses such as Monterey Jack, to make Colby Jack cheese.

  • Made from cow's milk
  • Country of origin: United States
  • Region: Colby, Wisconsin
  • Alternative spellings: Colby Swiss Cheddar
  • Type: semi-hard
  • Texture: firm, open and springy
  • Rind: rindless
  • Color: yellow

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Mar 29
Yes this is a stack of Colby cheese. No you can't have any. #mine #nomnomnom
Mar 20
(Modified Paleo b/c I eat cheese) Aquaponic Lettuce wrap, nitrate free turkey, Colby cheese with mustard.
Mar 18
The new backyard grilled sandwich is here, also the with the new Colby jack cheese! Have you tried it yet
Mar 18
Low fat Colby jack and cheddar cheese potatoes my own concoction they were yummy
Mar 17
Hangover food. Lebanese bread. Full of colby cheese, tomato, japanese mayonnaise. Folded. Toasted. Eaten.
Mar 11
Asparagus and Colby Jack cheese stuffed chicken, chicken garlic rice, and steamed asparagus. So proud of myself 🙌😋❤️
Mar 10
Seafood potato skins!!!!! Crab scallop, shrimp, in a seafood base. Gruyre Colby Jack cheese
Mar 06
Bacon and eggs Colby and cheddar cheese on whole wheat toast #PhotoGrid
Feb 25
Grilled cheese. Tomato. Bacon. Cheddar Colby on rye. Side of chips and queso. Super Mario 3D world with the boy <3
Feb 25
Honey maple turkey, Colby Jack cheese, all on a Hawaiian sweet roll. #Dinner
Feb 24
Smoked turkey, fired egg pepper no salt, low cal Colby cheese on honey wheat bread for lunch 🙌👍
Feb 23
Cajun turkey, bacon, Colby jack, other random cheese and cholula sauce
Feb 22
Come try @OhYummBistro Lunch Special Today! Whole Grain Black Bean Burger with Fried Avocado and Colby Jack Cheese
Feb 21
Best homemade huge burger with colby jack pepperjack and mild cheddar cheese yummy @HsnHamad
Feb 19
Bacon & Colby Jack Cheese burgers & fries tonight 😋😋
Feb 19
Lunch: Ham and Colby Jack cheese and cheddar cheese with onions and miracle whip on toasted wheat bread
Feb 14
Cajun and smoked turkey with pepper jack and Colby cheese add tomato + avocado in between two lean turkey patties
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