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Mentioned in the Vedas, dating as far back as 6000 BC of India Subcontinent, Paneer is a fresh cheese frequently used in South Asian Cuisine similar to queso blanco. Chhena or Chhana is an East Indian variant of Paneer that is eaten in Bangla, Orissa region of India and also in the neighboring country of Bangladesh.  Moist and soft crumbly in texture, it is used to make delicacies such as Sandesh, Mutter paneer and Rasgulla. It is a rich source of milk protein.

The procedure of making Chhena is similar to paneer but it is not pressed for a long time. In Orissa, the process of making the cheese is same that of ricotta. The milk is boiled, curdled with a small amount of whey and then strained and beaten in cheesecloth. The cheese is kneaded well till it becomes smooth and can be used in any dessert.

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Jul 22
#eyes #VisionExpressIndia Reduce cataracts with a slice of cheese! What is another name for Paneer?Reply with #Cheese
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Jul 19
Paneer tikka roti wrap - (try saying that fast) with chilli and mint yoghurt from @deshiroti @REDmarket2014 👍👍👍
Jul 18
Paneer Do Pyaza - Cottage Cheese cubes with bell pepper, onions and tomatoes. #photooftheday #foodphotography
Jul 17
Cheese tikkis and paneer chilly ... super comforting during the rains.. #spirit #Ghatkopar
Jul 17
Paneer Tikka Masala,Indian cheese cubes simmered with spices and onions, in a creamy tomato sauce. #vegetarian #lunch
Jul 17
American corn, pudina paneer, capsicum, Peppadew™, and cheese come together and give you a great combination of this!
Jul 14
Add #KolhapuriMasala to mix of Indian cottage cheese, coconut, herbs &Shahi gravy for a #delicious taste of Paneer.
Jul 11
Final dinner in Bbay. Chutney, potato, cucumber cheese club sandwiches plus daal paneer roti. Comes with a coronary.
Jul 11
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Jul 11
Feeling peckish? Make this yummy paneer- Indian cottage cheese with sautéed spinach @Vital_SA.
Jul 09
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Jul 08
Do you know that to make #paneer at home, all you need is milk & lemon? Via @cookinacurry
Jul 05
That day you realized you had fresh corn in the fridge and a leftover block of paneer. Corn & cheese baked fritters.
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