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Humboldt Fog

Humboldt Fog

Humboldt Fog is a goat milk cheese delivered by Cypress Grove Chevre, of Arcata, California, in Humboldt County. It is a mould-ripened cheese with a distinguishing layer of edible ash.  The cheese ripens from the outside to the centre, resulting in a fresh goat cheese center surrounded by a pungent runny shell. This runny shell will widen as the cheese matures and is considered the best part of the cheese, by many. The bloomy mold and ash rind is edible, but is fairly tasteless. The cheese is creamy, light, powdery, slightly lemony and mildly goaty.

The cheese won the first place at the American Cheese Society in 1998, 2002 and 2005.

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Nov 12
Say CHEESE and get snackin’ with Cowgirl Creamery and Humboldt Fog! Order up!
Sep 09
Representing at the Grilled Cheese Off with a Humboldt Fog ice cream sandwich, paired with Boulevard Hibiscus Gose.
Sep 03
Very disappointing news... Humboldt Fog, an iconic American cheese will not longer be available in southern Ontario.
Aug 29
Recipe tasting: wild arugula, nectarines, Humboldt fog goat cheese, candied almonds, and white wine vinaigrette
Aug 28
Keeping it local with our #California #cheese plate--enjoy Humboldt Fog, Midnight Moon & Purple Haze at happy hour.
Aug 24
Fans of Cypress Grove Humboldt Fog goat cheese will also enjoy Little Stone Mtn by Caly Road Creamery. Nice w/figs!
Aug 19
Beet gastrique- roasted beet, smoked beet, beet puree, Humboldt Fog Blu-cheese
Aug 11
@cowgirlcreamery Humboldt fog on toasted baguette with orange blossom honey and off-dry Riesling. #wine #cheese
Jul 04
Happy Fourth! Tarragon lobster tucked into sourdough crepes with Humboldt Fog cheese. Potato milkweed salad.
Jun 28
.@tabardinn Duck Prosciutto w/ Pickled Apple, Tuna 'Ham' & Humboldt Fog Goat Cheese, Pickled Onions, Carrot Top P...
Jun 27
Earlier Germany barely beat US in tight match - involving cheese: Humboldt Fog (l) v Cambozola (r) before the carnage
Jun 24
Cypress Grove's Humboldt Fog: tangy goat cheese with edible vegetable ash @WholeFoodsDFW
Jun 22
Pissaladiere Onion Tart, Humboldt Fog Goat Cheese, Fresh Anchovies, Oliver
Jun 12
Dinner Tonight: Spring Peas and Fave Beans Humboldt Fog Goat Cheese, Fennel Breadstick
Jun 04
Cheese of the Week: Humboldt Fog! Tangy goat w/fresh cream and buttermilk flavor; edible layer of vegetable ash.
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