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Feta is undoubtedly one of the most famous Greek cheeses. In fact, Feta occupies 70% stake in Greek cheese consumption. The cheese is protected by EU legislations and only those cheeses manufactured in Macedonia, Thrace, Thessaly, Central Mainland Greece, the Peloponnese and Lesvos can be called ‘feta’. Similar cheeses produced elsewhere in the eastern Mediterranean and around the Black Sea, outside the EU, are often called ‘white cheese’.

To create traditional feta, 30 percent goat's milk is mixed with sheep's milk of animals grazing on pastures in the specific appellation of origin regions. Now-a-days, many stores sell goat and cow’s milk feta as well. The firmness, texture and flavour differ from region to region, but in general, cheese from Macedonia and Thrace is mild, softer and creamier, less salty with fewer holes. Feta made in Thessaly and Central Greece has a more intense, robust flavour. Peloponnese feta is dryer in texture, full flavoured and more open. Local environment, animal breeds, cultures all have an impact on the texture, flavour and aroma of feta.

On the whole, Feta is a pickled curd cheese that has a salty and tangy taste enhanced by the brine solution. The texture depends on the age which can be extremely creamy, or crumbly dry. Upon maturation of 2 months, feta is sold in blocks submerged in brine. The cheese can be used a table cheese or melted on a traditional Greek salad, spanakopita, pizza or pie. It tastes delicious with olive oil, roasted red peppers and nuts. If required, it can be washed under water to remove the extra saltiness. The salty flavour of Feta pairs well with beer, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc and Zinfandel.

  • Made from pasteurized or unpasteurized goat's and sheep's milk
  • Country of origin: Greece
  • Region: Macedonia, Thrace, Thessaly, Central Mainland Greece, the Peloponnese and Lesvos
  • Family: Feta
  • Type: soft, brined
  • Fat content (in dry matter): 16%
  • Fat content: 21 g/100g
  • Calcium content: 493 mg/100g
  • Texture: creamy, crumbly, grainy and open
  • Colour: white
  • Flavour: full-flavored, salty, tangy
  • Aroma: nutty, strong
  • Vegetarian: no
  • Producers: CHRISTAKIS Greek Cheeses

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Jan 22
You know you're Greek when you have this much feta cheese in your house at all times
Jan 10
#rastapasta chicken or shrimp w/ garlic hardo cheese bread and a mixed green salad with jerk feta #chefari
Jan 09
Grilled chicken, raisin, strawberry, Apple, chickpea, spinach, feta cheese & raspberry vinaigrette 😍
Jan 09
Breakfast this morning 5 whole eggs, diced onions, tomatoes, spinach and feta cheese and muesli cereal @arm_nutrition
Jan 09
Mixed greens lemon vinaigrette feta cheese and fried eggplant croutons #thursdaynightdinner
Jan 09
My new recipe invention 😍 spinach tortilla, hummus, feta cheese, spinach, and a chopped spicy black bean burger.
Jan 08
Warm chickpeas tossed with freshly toasted spices, preserved lemon, and feta cheese is a ...
Dec 30, 2014
Homemade dough, pesto, fresh mozzarella, feta cheese, artichoke hearts, kalamata olives & sundried tomato = heaven.
Dec 29, 2014
My 2nd round: capacoli, provolone, cherry tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, feta cheese, mozzarella, tomato sauce #pizza
Dec 28, 2014
caramelized figs, arugula and gorgonzola-, feta cheese #pizza with balsamic glaze
Dec 20, 2014
Combine eggs with cottage, mozzarella and feta cheese into a tasty hand pie for breakfast.
Dec 20, 2014
No grain pizza!! Literally just made with Parmesan, sharp cheddar, and feta cheese w/ some pepperoni! 😍🍕
Dec 18, 2014
Manouri,a great Greek #cheese with rich flavor, a little bit greasy&sour.Because there is not only feta!
Dec 18, 2014
Pasta with Greek feta cheese,black olives,butter and grana padano :) #byme #yummy #tastesgood
Dec 18, 2014
Crisp apples, dried cranberries, feta cheese, and hearty walnuts come together in a fres...
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