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Fresh Ricotta

Fresh Ricotta
Creative Commons/Flickr/ John Ong
  • Made from pasteurized or unpasteurized cow's, goat's, sheep's and water buffalo's milk

  • Country of origin: Italy

  • Family: Cottage

  • Type: fresh firm, whey

  • Fat content: 10.1 g/100g

  • Texture: creamy, fluffy and grainy

  • Rind: rindless

  • Colour: white

  • Flavour: sweet

  • Aroma: fresh

  • Vegetarian: no

  • Producers: Canaan Cheeses LTD, Fine Italian Foods

  • Synonyms: ricotta salata moliterna, ricotta piemontese, ricotta romana

Ricotta is an Italian fresh cheese made from sheep, cow, goat or buffalo’s milk whey left over from the production of cheese. Since the casein is filtered away from whey during cheese making process, Ricotta is suitable for persons with casein intolerance. Being low in fat and high in protein, Ricotta is a dieter’s dream cheese.

Traditional Italian fresh ricotta is smoother than cottage cheese and tastes mildly sweet. Good Ricotta is firm, not solid and consists of a mass of fine, moist, delicate grains, neither salted nor ripened. The light, delicate consistency and clean flavours make it a perfect accompaniment to a variety of recipes and dishes.

Ricotta is a popular ingredient in many Italian dishes like lasagna, manicotti, cassata, cheesecake, calzone, pizza, and ravioli and dips. It is also suitable as a sauce thickener. Fresh Ricotta pairs great with Sauvignon Blanc.

There are three distinct varieties of ricotta: ricotta salata moliterna (ewe's milk whey), ricotta piemontese (cow's milk whey + 10% milk) and ricotta romana (a byproduct of Romano cheese production).

Ricotta from Fine Italian Foods recently won Silver medal at the 2014 World Cheese Awards.

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