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  • Made from pasteurized cow's milk

  • Country of origin: England and United Kingdom

  • Region: Gloucestershire County

  • Type: semi-firm

  • Texture: creamy and smooth

  • Rind: natural

  • Flavour: sweet, tangy

  • Vegetarian: no

  • Synonyms: Double Gloucester with Chives, Double Gloucester with Onion and Chives, English Cotswold

Cotswold cheese is a flavourful and distinctive English cheese from the Cotswold region in South Central England. It is a variation of Double Gloucester, blended with chopped onions and chives, which imparts a sweet and slightly tangy taste to the cheese. This smooth cheese is popular in English pubs, giving it the name “Pub Cheese".

This cheese is typically semi-firm to firm, offering a smooth and creamy texture. It is easy to slice and crumbles well. Cotswold cheese often has a pale yellow to orange hue, and the visible specks of green onions and chives throughout the cheese add a distinctive and appealing appearance.

Cotswold cheese melts well, making it suitable for sandwiches and burgers. It pairs well with crusty bread, crackers, and fresh fruits.

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