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Maisie's Kebbuck

Maisie's Kebbuck is an unpasteurised semi-hard white cow's milk cheese made by Humphrey Errington at Carnwath in Lanarkshire. The cheesemaker invented this cheese to impresses his mother-in-law who did not like blue cheese. Scottish for cheese, Kebbuck is crafted in a traditional, farmhouse manner by wrapping it in a cloth and maturing for 2-5 months. This unpressed style of cheesemaking was present much before cheddaring was introduced.

Upon maturity, the cheese becomes slightly creamy on the outer edge while the inside pate still remains crumbly. It is sharply lactic with a ‘turnip' taste and aroma that pairs well with a whisky.

Maisie's Kebbuck is made with vegetarian rennet and foil wrapped to preserve the flavours. It is best eaten at room temperature. Once opened, it should be wrapped in a cling film and stored in the fridge at around 3-5°.

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