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Teifi is an unpasteurised cow's milk cheese from Wales. Produced by the Caws Teifi Cheese Company, this semi-hard cheese was created by John and Patrice Savage-Ontswedder.

The cheese is similar to Gouda, with a deep sunshine-yellow interior. There are several varieties of Teifi, depending on the maturation period. When young, the cheese has a mellow, slightly sweet flavour and a smooth, creamy texture. As it matures, it develops deep, rich flavours with a hard and almost flaky texture, similar to Parmesan. The affinage usually takes two to nine months. Sometimes nettles, seaweeds, garlic, onion, sweet pepper and cumins are added for a distinct flavour.

Available variants of Teifi cheese are: Natural Teifi Cheese, Seaweed Teifi Cheese, Onion and Garlic Teifi Cheese, Nettle Teifi Cheese, Cumin Teifi Cheese, Sweet Pepper Teifi Cheese, Oak Smoked Teifi Cheese, Mature Teifi Cheese and Chilli Teifi Cheese.

The cheese melts in strings and therefore tastes excellent when heated, toasted and added as a flavouring on pizzas.

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