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Munster, also known as Munster Géromé is a soft washed rind cheese made from milk produced by cows living in the regions between Alsace, Lorraine and Franche-Comté in France. The name Munster is derived from the little town of Munster where Vosgian abbeys and monasteries used to make this cheese since the Middle Ages.

Creative Commons/Arnaud 25
Creative Commons/Arnaud 25
Traditional Munster is protected by an Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC) which requires the cheese be made from unpasteurized cow's milk called crude milk. The soft and creamy cheese also comes flavored with cumin and tastes best when accompanied with a good beer. As with washed rind cheeses, Munster have a red coating on the rind that is slightly humid due to repeated washings. Other than protecting the cheese, the rind is also responsible for a strong, penetrating aroma and tangy taste.

The best Munster cheeses are produced in the summer and autumn when the cows graze on the 'high stubble' of the Vosges. This cheese has a very high fat content of 45-50%. Gewurztraminer or full-bodied red wines nicely complement Munster. If you're a potato and cheese lover try Munster with potatoes, salad and finely chopped onions.

  • Made from cow's milk
  • Country of origin: France
  • Region: Vosges, Haut-Rhin, Bas-Rhin
  • Alternative spellings: Munster-géromé, Munster gerome, Munster fermente
  • Type: soft, smear-ripened
  • Fat content: 45-50%
  • Texture: creamy, smooth and sticky
  • Rind: washed
  • Color: white

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Pastrami & Smoked Turkey w/ spinach, spicy brown mustard, salt, pepper, Munster cheese, mayo, & pickles :)
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Before bed snack turkey rolls, inside be Munster cheese, spicy mustard and spinach.
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I don't like my bread toasted for my two slices of bacon two egg and Munster cheese samich
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Today's special is a Southern infusion...Meat Loaf PoBoys with Munster cheese, lettuce, tomato, and homemade sauce!!
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Butternut squash soup, spiced beef, spinach sautéed w garlic, Munster cheese. Dinner.
Jan 05
This might be the best thing I've ever made: organic beef with bacon, Munster cheese, tomato and grilled onions>>>>
Jan 05
The cheese on my egg sandwich is surprised.. He's choking the Munster D: !!! #breakfast4champs #organic
Jan 05
Black bean burger with melted Munster cheese on garlic toast, arugula, corn, sautéed mushrooms, avo & spicy ketchup
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Turkey burger avec Munster cheese and grilled onions. Happy New Year!
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