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Morbier is a semi-soft cow’s milk cheese named after the small village of Morbier in Franche-Comté. The cheese has an ivory color, and it is a bit soft and fairly elastic. It gets immediately identified because of its black layer of tasteless ash, which separates horizontally in the middle. Earlier, Morbier was made by a layer of the morning and the evening milk, but it is made by a single milking nowadays, while ash is added to it to follow the tradition. The cheese takes about 45 days to 3 months for full maturation with yellowish, moist and leathery rind.

Together with 45% fat, it is protected by AOC designation. Morbier has a rich and creamy flavor with small eyes or holes. Sometimes, the cheese leaves a slightly bitter aftertaste and has strong aroma as well. Try this cheese with Gewurztraminer or Pinot Noir.

  • Made from cow's milk
  • Country of origin: France
  • Region: Morbier
  • Type: semi-soft, artisan
  • Fat content: 45%
  • Texture: creamy
  • Rind: washed
  • Color: ivory
  • Flavor: fruity, full-flavored, tangy
  • Aroma: strong
  • Vegitarian: no
  • Producers: Various

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