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Ricotta (Australian)

The name Ricotta is derived from the Italian word recocta which means “recooked”. Ricotta, an Italian whey cheese, is made from the whey of sheep, cow, goat, or water buffalo milk left after producing other cheeses. This process involves coagulating leftover proteins, such as albumin and globulin, once casein has been utilized in cheese-making.

To obtain Ricotta protein, the whey undergoes additional fermentation, allowing it to become more acidic over 12–24 hours at room temperature. Subsequently, the acidified whey is heated nearly to boiling, causing the protein to denature and form a fine curd through flocculation. After cooling, the curd is separated by passing the liquid through a fine cloth.

Ricotta curds are creamy white and slightly sweet, with varying fat content based on the milk used. Highly perishable, Ricotta is also crafted in aged varieties for longer preservation.

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