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Paesanella Cherry Bocconcini

Flickr / David Jackmanson / CC BY 2.0
  • Made from pasteurized cow's milk

  • Country of origin: Australia

  • Family: Mozzarella

  • Type: semi-soft

  • Texture: elastic

  • Rind: rindless

  • Colour: white

  • Flavour: creamy, salty, sweet

  • Aroma: milky, sweet

  • Vegetarian: yes

  • Producers: Paesanella Cheese Manufacturers

  • Synonyms: Cherry Bocconcini

Paesanella Cherry Bocconcini is a smaller version of Paesanella Bocconcini. The term "cherry" simply relates to the size of a cheese ball. Paesanella Cherry Bocconcini is a semi-soft white cheese produced by Paesanella Cheese Manufacturers in New South Wales, Australia. Bocconcini, meaning "little bites" in Italian, are egg-sized Mozzarella cheeses.

Paesanella Bocconcini is made from pasteurised cow's milk. This elastically textured cheese is suspended in water, which maintains its freshness. Milky sweet in taste with a hint of salt cheese goes well with anti-pasta dishes, salads and pizzas.

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