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  • Country of origin: Spain

Aragon is an autonomous community high in the snow-capped Pyrenees along Spain’s border with France. A landlocked region with a rich and fertile agricultural area, Aragon is famous for its fresh meat dishes, long-cured hams and chorizo sausages. Extensive green pastures also mean a number of goat and sheep’s milk cheeses, including the most notable, Tronchón cited in Don Quixote as cheese of the highest quality. It is an unpasteurised, creamery, semi-soft cheese made from a blend of cow's, goat's and sheep's milk. Aged for three to four months, the cheese is then moulded in a dome shape with a crater-like depression on the top.

The area of Aragon is noted for producing mild and mature cheeses. Villages of Gistaín and Radiquero follow traditional methods of cheese making to produce fabulous goat and cow’s milk cheeses.

A few other kinds of cheese that represent Aragon are:

  • Echo y Ansó
  • Biescas
  • Patamulo
  • La Pardina
  • San Mauricio
  • Radiquero
  • Benabarre
  • Pañoleta
  • Sahún
  • El Burgo
  • Chistabín

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