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  • Made from unpasteurized sheep's milk

  • Country of origin: Spain

  • Region: Navarra

  • Type: hard, artisan

  • Texture: firm

  • Rind: natural

  • Colour: ivory

  • Flavour: butterscotch

  • Aroma: lanoline

  • Vegetarian: no

Roncal is a Spanish cheese made in the Roncal Valley, north Navarra, in the Basque territory of Spain. It is the first Spanish cheese to obtain the DOP (PDO) status. Roncal is made using raw sheep milk of the Rasa and Lacha breed and is aged for about six months. The cheese is complex and piquant, with notes of lanolin and butterscotch. 

Roncal is a wheel-shaped cheese covered with a hard, natural rind dotted by a velvety-smooth layer of blue-grey mould.

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