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Queso Iberico

  • Made from pasteurized or unpasteurized cow's, goat's and sheep's milk

  • Country of origin: Spain

  • Type: hard

  • Fat content: 45%

  • Texture: firm and oily

  • Rind: natural

  • Colour: white

  • Flavour: buttery, nutty, strong

  • Aroma: aromatic, rich

  • Vegetarian: no

  • Synonyms: Iberico Cheese

Queso Iberico (Iberico Cheese) is a cheese from the Iberian Peninsula, primarily Spain and Portugal. It's made from a mix of cow's, goat's, and sheep's milk or solely sheep's milk. The flavour ranges from nutty to tangy, and the texture can be creamy or firm. This cheese can be enjoyed on its own or in traditional dishes, contributing unique flavours to Iberian cuisine.

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