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Queso de Murcia

  • Made from pasteurized goat's or sheep's milk

  • Country of origin: Spain

  • Region: Murcia

  • Type: semi-hard, artisan

  • Texture: semi firm and smooth

  • Colour: ivory

  • Aroma: mild

  • Vegetarian: no

  • Synonyms: Murcian wine cheese, queso de Murcia al vino, murica al vino, Murcian cheese, Drunken Goat, Vino al Murcia, Cabra al Vino

Queso de Murcia, also known as Murcian cheese, is a Spanish cheese that originates from the region of Murcia in southeastern Spain. Some varieties of Queso de Murcia have received the PDO status. It is an artisanal cheese made from goat's milk or a mixture of goat's and sheep's milk. The flavour of this cheese can vary, but it is often mild and slightly tangy when made from goat's milk. The addition of sheep's milk can contribute to a richer and more complex taste. It has a semi-firm to firm texture with a smooth and close-knit consistency.

The cheese is usually aged for a relatively short period, allowing it to develop a mild yet distinctive flavour. Queso de Murcia has a pale ivory or light yellow interior. The rind is often thin and may have a natural, rustic appearance.
Queso de Murcia is used in various dishes and also pairs well with fruits, nuts, and crusty bread. 

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