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  • Made from pasteurized goat's milk

  • Country of origin: Spain

  • Region: Castilla-Leon

  • Type: soft, artisan

  • Texture: creamy, firm and smooth

  • Rind: bloomy

  • Colour: white

  • Flavour: creamy, smooth, tangy

  • Aroma: earthy

  • Producers: Rogers Collection

Veigadarte, similar to a French bûche is made by a small cheesemaker Mr Joaquin Villanueva Casado, from Ambasmestas in the Castilla-Leon region of Spain. This soft with high butterfat, mould ripened cheese is made using pasteurized cow's milk. Aged for about a month, this cheese has tanginess of goat's milk. The ash rind is enclosed with white bloomy mould. The outer part of the cheese becomes creamy and inner paste becomes firmer and smooth as the cheese ages.
Pair this cheese with sparkling wine or almonds or fresh raspberries. The cheese is also made by adding different herbs like black pepper, red pepper, or green chillies.

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