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Caerphilly is a hard, white cheese originating from a town of the same name in South Wales. It was first made in Caerphilly in about 1830. Its texture and flavour bears resemblance to cheddar, which is the most popular type of cheese in the United Kingdom. This cheese is known as "the crumblies".

The recipe for Caerphilly has been inspired from other crumbly cheeses like Cheshire, young Lancashire and Wensleydale. It is said that the cheese was specially made for coal-miners as its tough texture and shallow height made it easy for them to eat with bare hands while the salty, moist curd helped to replenish the lost minerals.

Caerphilly is made from unpasteurised cows' milk and matured anywhere from 8 to 10 to 14 days. Some variants are often kept for up to a year to develop a harder texture and stronger taste. Inside the pale ivory rind of the cheese, young Caerphilly has a fresh and pleasant taste alongside a moist yet supple texture. With maturity, the edges become creamy and the flavour becomes more rounded. It usually has a wheel-shape with ivory-white rind dusted with fine flour. As the cheese ages in a moist cellar, the white and gray moulds become thicker and more leathery. The cheese can be vegetarian depending upon the brand.

A basic white burgundy would go well with this cheese. It is normally grated or melted onto dishes.

  • Made from unpasteurized cow's milk
  • Country of origin: United Kingdom
  • Region: Wales
  • Family: Cheddar
  • Type: hard
  • Fat content: 48%
  • Texture: close, crumbly, dense and supple
  • Rind: natural
  • Colour: white
  • Flavour: full-flavored, salty, sour
  • Aroma: fresh
  • Vegetarian: yes
  • Producers: Caws Cenarth

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Dec 13
We just cut into a fresh wheel of #Caerphilly, a spectacular Welsh cheese with delicate mushroomy flavors. Try it!
Dec 09
Still-tonnes of traffic after M1 cheese lorry fire. No d'Brie -but drive Caerphilly!…
Dec 07
Gorwydd Caerphilly, walnut & soda bread, cheese crackers, pears poached in red wine. #wrightsnight with Bill Hill
Dec 02
You will have to be quick if you want to grab one of these today Caerphilly cheese, leek and Laver bread
Dec 02
Our Caerphilly Cheese made into the most gorgeous Caerphilly & Leek muffins @loveatfirstbake . Yum yum pigs bum
Nov 13
There'll be a Xmas welcome in the hillside with these Caerphilly cheese truckles available from @ElephantandBun
Sep 23
Fave salad in the world right now... Butternut, spinach, caerphilly cheese, lentil & pumpkin seed. Yum!
Sep 04
Love the fact @VincenzosTweet's sells Caerphilly cheese. I'll allow the "England / Somerset" as it can be made there
Aug 17
Fresh baked baguette with Shropshire blue, butter and caerphilly for lunch. Cant be beaten #cheese
Aug 16
GLAMORGAN SAUSAGE? it's well Welsh! Caerphilly Cheese Leeks and fresh herbs rolled in @QuaggyBakery breadcrumbs TIDY!
Jul 25
Gorwydd Caerphilly is our Cheese of the Week. Creamy near the rind and crumbly in the centre. Good with spring onion
Jul 25
Eddy says 'Hidy Hi Cheeses' we are off to set up our stand at Caerphilly Big Cheese today😁. A free fun event for all
Jul 23
Calling all bakers! With the Big Cheese in Caerphilly this weekend we need a doggie deli bonanza! Can you bake some?
Jul 22
Cheese Tuesday! Gorwydd Caerphilly from #FullersFarmShop only. Great on a cheese board, eaten with chutney & grapes.
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