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Prima Donna forte

  • Country of origin: Netherlands

  • Family: Parmesan

  • Type: hard

  • Fat content: 33 g/100g

  • Calcium content: 990 mg/100g

  • Texture: crumbly, crystalline, flaky and grainy

  • Rind: natural

  • Colour: yellow

  • Flavour: nutty, strong, sweet

  • Producers: Vandersterre Groep International B.V.

Prima Donna combines the traditional way of Dutch cheese making with the intricate flavours of Parmesan. The cheese is eaten only when it reaches the pinnacle of maturity and flavour. Throughout the aging periods, Prima Donna is identified into four varieties - fino, mature and forte, each with a unique Italian flavour. The fourth is leggero, which contains only 17.5% fat content, making it ideal for diet conscious cheese lovers.

Prima Donna is characterized by "little white dots" or crystals that can be seen more prominently in the extra aged varieties maturo and forte. The cheese brings out its innate sensation with red wines such as a Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Syrah or Zinfandel.

Prima Donna forte is ripened for an extra long time to reveal a a strong and sweet, nutty taste and a lightly crumbly consistency. The salt and protein crystals are even more evident in this variation of Prima Donna.  The cheese shows its true character when added to a cheeseboard or used to finish Carpaccio dishes. It pairs well with red wine and port. Prima Donna forte is lactose and gluten free.

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