Delicious Goat Cheese Pairings You Won't Regret!

goat milk cheese with fruits
Credit: Pixabay/RitaE

Cheese is perhaps the most versatile food ingredient that you can use to make a snack, a meal or even a dessert. It is also the most widely loved!

From cow's milk to sheep's, goat's and even camel's milk, you can have every taste & texture imaginable! If you're new to the world of cheese or simply have been afraid to try goat's cheese, we've got the perfect guide for you to enjoy. Don't miss pairing the cheese for a wholesome meal!

What is Goat's Cheese?

Goat's cheese is light, fresh and typically popular to enjoy during the Spring season. Creamy, delicious and thick, filled with fats, protein & minerals, this type of cheese should be a must-have on your list! Goat's cheese is also a favourite among those who are lactose intolerant as well!

Ideally, goat's cheese like Chevre or Humboldt Fog taste tangy, fruity and creamy. While you can't go wrong enjoying this on a cheeseboard, pairing it with the right snack, meal, or drink can do wonders for your tastebuds!


How to Pair Goat's Cheese with Beverages

You can wash down a bite of the creamy goat's cheese with a classic Sauvignon Blanc. A dry white wine like Pinot Grigio or Riesling would also work well. Another perfect pairing, if you love a rose, would be Provence, while any of your favourite high-acidity dry red wines would make it a killer combination!


Pairing Goat' s Cheese with Fruits & Nuts

The best about eating goat cheese is that you can pair it up with almost any of your favourite snacks and still have it taste good! Try adding in some walnuts or raisins while you spread the cheese over a multigrain bread, or add in some fresh fruit like apricots or jam for a sweet snack. You can even enjoy this cheese on a bagel with a sprinkling of maple syrup, honey or cinnamon for some winter weather comfort food. Try it out!


Pairing Goat's Cheese with Proteins

If you're a risk taker, then we highly recommend trying out any goat cheese with a sprinkling of your favourite seafood. Cheese like Anari is fresh, and fruity with herbal flavours, making it a perfect addition for salads or on grilled fish as a topping. You can even make a fresh sauce with goat's cheese to add as a topping for chicken with herbal flavour, or on your favourite protein! Try it out and let us know!