Wines and Cheese Evening and Online Gaming

wine glass
Credit: Piqsels

After a hectic week at work, there are various ways of relaxing on the weekend with friends. Of course, you can play your favorite games at Spin Online Casino or buy a bottle of your favorite wine and have fun with your friends at the comfort of your living room.

But how can you have fun with your friends at home when everyone is trying to keep their social distance?

With online gaming, you can open your wine bottle at home, while challenging your friends on the other side of the world. These games switch the standard norm of bland chats, replacing it with something more fun and immersive. Here are the top online games you can play with your friends over a bottle of wine.

Wine or Wine Not

In this game, the players create a list of adventurous things like skydiving, quitting their jobs, or asking someone out from high school. Everyone in your crew has to say whether they can or not and explain why. It’s definitely the kind of game you’ll enjoy playing with close friends while drinking.

Totally In Love with Wine Trivia

The game will put in a challenge to know your favorite wines. The game will test you and your friends in a test to know who the real connoisseur is.  The game will inspire you to take an online wine class together.

Virtual Tasting Room

The game enables you to try different wines and different seasoned flavors. In the game, everyone pours themselves a taste of four glasses of wine. You and your friends will take sips simultaneously and then write down the ratings and what you notice about them. Then you will be able to share your findings, so when your friends shop for wine next time, they know where to shop.

Spin the Wine Bottle

There is a lot of similarity with the famous game spin the bottle. The only exception is that only one person takes charge. They layout slips of paper with everyone in your crew's name on the circle and then spin an empty wine bottle. When the bottle stops, it points to a specific word. that person has to tell an embarrassing story, spill some tea, and complete the dare. They get to choose.

Two Partners In Wine

The game would take you to nostalgia lane if you chose to play the game. That is because the game requires you and your friend to go back into your camera roll and see who can find a depiction of a particular adventure you have had together first.

For example, you study abroad at the same time as your friend. On the count of 3, go to your camera rolls and see who can find a picture of that adventure. Send it in a text and claim your crown.

A Wine-Themed Scavenger Hunt

There is a lot to relate to wine for true wine lovers at home, like used corks, corkscrews, and a sign with a wine pun. Distribute a list of the items to your wine-loving pals before a virtual happy hour, and then hunt for them all while you're chatting and catching up. See who can get the most items on the hunt, and drink some wine to celebrate their victory.