5 Essential Goat's Milk Cheese to Know

Goat milk cheese
Credit: Maxpixel

Did you know that there are many different ways in which cheese is made and from the milk of several animals? If you have dietary needs or specific preferences, it can be useful to check out how the cheese is made.

Popular cheese is usually made from cow’s milk, but there are many types of goat’s milk cheese you must know that is excellent with a drink or while hosting a specific event.

Bonne Bouche

Bonne Bouche is a unique kind of cheese that uses ash in its production, making it foggy grey with a wrinkly rind. The cheese lives up to its popularity because it can last in the market and age for up to eighty days. With a hint of citrus, the cheese pairs well on a cheese board with fruit or with a classic Sauvignon Blanc.


Garrotxa. Credit: Forever Cheese

Originally from Spain, Garrotxa is a popular kind of cheese among lovers of the goat’s milk cheese. This semi-firm cheese is soft and creamy and has a lemony tang to its bite. It has a woody aroma that resonates well with the earth from where it is made. This kind of cheese works well with crusty bread or some nuts with wine.

Le Chevrot

Le Chevrot is a type of goat milk cheese that comes from France and works well with French champagne. Le Chevrot consists of nearly 50% fat and is soft and nutty with a slightly fruity taste. Made from the raw milk of a goat, it works well as a snack or a bite to eat after a meal. 

Goat Gouda

Dense, firm and made in California, this cheese introduces a slight taste of caramel sweetness to its bite. Ivory in colour, the Goat Gouda is popular among goat’s milk cheese lovers and the 5 months maturation date makes it easier to produce around the year. 


Ticklemore takes the shape of the plastic mould where the curd is formed and drained. It is semi-hard with a crumbly texture. The fresh lemony flavour makes it a hit among lovers of cheese of all varieties.