Types of Cheese used in Italian Dishes

Gnocchi. Credit: Unsplash / Sebastian Coman Photography

If there is any International cuisine that works well with having cheese in nearly every meal, it is Italian cuisine. Filled with yummy oozing cheese and wonderfully paired, most of these dishes are a bit heavy on the carbs and have no mercy on any diet. If you are a food lover, or better yet, on a cheat meal, enjoy these cheese types with your favourite Italian dish. Buon Appetito!


Parmesan, also called Parmigiano Reggiano, is every cheese lover's dream who loves an excellent nutty hard cheese texture. Parmesan cheese flakes add an appealing aesthetic to dishes, making them an ideal choice for garnishing pasta and risotto. Despite their simple preparation, they contribute a delightful taste to the overall culinary experience. Also, try making the Tortino di mozzarella. It is a savoury tart that includes parmesan and mozzarella cheese along with eggs, bread, milk, butter, salt and pepper. It is sinfully delicious!


Are you looking to have more carbs in your meal? Or perhaps you love potatoes? Gnocchi is among the most common meals in any Italian household and is just delicious. Gnocchi Alla Bava is a heavenly dish filled with butter, fontina cheese, and potatoes cooked to perfection! Try making this comfort food at home and enjoy it guilt-free! Eat now, and work out later!


Pasta with Asiago cheese
Pasta with Asiago cheese. Credit: Pxfuel

Made on the foothills in Veneto, Italy, this cow's milk cheese goes through several stages of ageing before it becomes hard, crumbly, yellow and mild flavoured. While Asiago works well as a munching snack during the day, it also pairs well by shredding it on hot pasta or having cold salads topped with thin cheese slices.


Montasio is made from cow's milk and is creamy in texture with a pale yellow colour. You can enjoy this delicious cheese with some wine, but what makes it sinful is using this cheese to create an Italian dish called frico, made with potatoes, onions and cheese like a fried pancake!


Without a doubt, Mozzarella is among the most popular cheese types created in Italy. This cheese, made from cow's milk or water buffalo's milk, is even more well-known because of the way it is used in food. Top off any homemade pizza you cook and be transported to Italia!