5 Amazing Cheese Types for Comforting Soups

Soup with cheese
Credit: Pixabay / petrovhey

Cooking with cheese is an art and not everyone knows how to use it best. While it can be easy to drop in whatever cheese you have in the dish, making a soup requires knowing how to balance flavours and textures in the right way. We recommend using panty favourite cheeses for preparing a cheesy soup, that will keep you wanting more!


Not many are aware that manchego is a Spanish cheese that is made using sheep's milk. This yellowish cheese has a fruity, nutty flavour making it a popular choice for recreating vegetable soups that require a little extra garnish on top.


Parmigiano-Reggiano is commonly known as parmesan and is another popular family favourite aside from cheddar & mozzarella. Rich in flavour and available in shredded and powdered form, you can use it for a topping on any soup to get the creaminess without forming any clumps.


Cheddar is without a doubt available at every grocery store. This simple cheese flavours strongly with age, so it is best to use it little by little to get the flavour profile you want. Cook it with a creamy mushroom soup as a winter favourite!


If you haven't added French Onion soup to your seasonal menu, then you must prepare it. Comfort food during the fall and winters can be enjoyed almost anytime. Add in a generous serving of gruyere cheese and let the nutty, earthy flavours and aroma make your mouth water!


Unlike the other cheese types on this list, halloumi adds a little bit of stringiness when added to your choice of soup serving. The cheese adds more creaminess to the soup. If you love gooey pizza with oozing hot cheese, then this is your choice. Bottom's up!