Popular Cheese Made With Water Buffalo Milk

Buffalo mozzarella
Buffalo mozzarella. Credit: Pixabay / maxsanna

Do you love trying different varieties of cheese? Cheese is made from different kinds of milk; right from cows and goats to camels and water buffalos. While cow's milk is a popular choice while making cheese, several famous delectable cheese types are made from water buffalo milk. Feel free to indulge in some of your favourites and let us know which one is the best!

Some watter buffalo milk cheeses mentioned below are also made using other animals like cow, goat or sheep's milk. 


Originating in Italy, mozzarella is among the most loved cheeses made from both, cow's milk as well as buffalo milk. Freshly prepared mozzarella di bufala can be stored at home and tastes heavenly on fresh pizza or even inside a toasted hot sandwich. Give it a try!


Ricotta di Bufala
Ricotta di Bufala. Credit: Pxfuel

Ricotta or known through the milk used as Ricotta di Bufala is made in the Lombardy region of Italy and has a soft mild taste that moves more towards sweet than savoury. Try it with your favourite calzone or on a lasagna to bring out the true taste of the cheese!


Burrata cheese and fruits
Burrata cheese and fruits. Credit: Pxfuel

Buttery and creamy, made from a mixture of mozzarella and cream, burrata is your best bet when it comes to biting down on doughy, stringy cheese. Taste it with some tomatoes and olive oil or on a salad of your choice. The options are limitless!


Caciotta cheese is soft and yellow with a cylindrical shape that is made in the Tuscany region of Italy. True to its origin, this cheese made in rural Italy develops a strong flavour when added to any pasta of your choice. Put on the carbs and see what you love!


Bocconcini and tomatoes
Bocconcini and tomatoes. Credit: Pixabay / StockSnap

There are true cheese lovers who enjoy biting down on cheese straight from the packet. Bocconcini are bite-sized egg-shaped pieces of cheese that resemble a smaller version of mozzarella. Creamy, light and buttery, this cheese is a true delight with some cool wine!


Paneer and vegetables
Paneer and vegetables. Credit: Unsplash / VDPhotography

Whether you are vegetarian or not, paneer makes up a large part of North Indian cuisine. Try this decadent cheese in a classic Indian dish of paneer butter masala, or enjoy it as a substitute for protein in a salad or main baked dish. Savoury options work well for this buffalo milk cheese.