Most Popular Spreadable Soft Cheese Varieties

Cheesecake Credit: Piqsels

Soft cheese varieties are among the most popular kinds of cheese! If you love a good cheese board, hard texture
works well, but if you are looking to enjoy cheese, especially by spreading it on a food delicacy, then soft cheese
is your best bet. Try out any of the mentioned cheese types, and let us know any more you love!

Cream Cheese

For enjoying a super soft cheese that is buttery and mild to taste, head over to buy a box or two of cream cheese. Used by adding different flavours, this delicacy works well when paired with bagels or crackers. Try it on a slice of toast; you won't be disappointed!


If you love fresh cheesecake or deliciously prepared tiramisu, then you will love creamy mascarpone. This fresh buttery cheese is used to pair with both sweet and savoury dishes, especially common in Italian food. When you enjoy this cheese, keep in mind the high-fat content as well!


Boursin is a unique kind of soft cheese that is infused with fresh herbs and spices. The first flavour was garlic and fine herbs and was made in 1957 by François Boursin. Top this cheese with some fresh fruits or have it as a toast spread. You can  hardly go wrong with this smooth delicacy!

Soft cheese and bread
Credit: Pxfuel


Pick up a small slice of Roquefort to satisfy your cravings for blue-veined cheese. Creamy, crumbly and tangy, this specific cheese is easy to spread on dressings and salads. This moist blue cheese is aged roughly for 5 months, so have it fresh!

Feta Cheese

Perhaps the most known, especially among healthy food lovers, Feta cheese comes right to mind! This crumbly cheese works well as a salad topping, but you can also enjoy it on fresh pizza with the added benefit of enjoying fewer calories. Dig in!