Five Popular Hot and Spicy Cheese to Enjoy

cheese with pepper
Credit: Pixabay / anfredrichter

What do you love more; sweet or savoury? There is no doubt cheese comes in a variety of flavours, including sweet, nutty, tangy or even sour.

If you are someone who loves adding heat to your food, then try experimenting with some spicy cheese variations. Not only is it good to clear the sinus, but it can break the monotony of enjoying food at home as well! Cheers!

Horseradish Cheddar

Horseradish Cheddar is a cheese that adds quite a kick to any dish. While it may seem different, this type of cheese works well as a sauce to pasta or any curry. Try adding it on top of a pasta salad to bring in a new flavour to an otherwise plain dish!

Pepper Jack

We love pepper jack for the amount of spice it brings to the table! Not only is this perfect for adding to the cheeseboard, but you can even try adding some of this cheese to a sandwich or an omelette to get in that extra kick. The amount of cheese dictates the amount of spice!

Burger with pepper jack cheese
Burger with pepper jack cheese. Credit: Flickr/jeffreyw/CC BY 2.0

Jalapeno Muenster

Whenever you head for a spicy cheese it is undoubtedly a Monterey or a pepper jack; both are good! Jalapeno Muenster is something that can bring in the heat to a dish like Mac n' Cheese, or to any meat that is under seasoned or not enough. Give it a try. You will love it!

Chipotle Gouda

Very few might associate gouda with having a spicy variation, but the chipotle gouda adds just a hint. The creamy texture mixes well with chipotle pepper to get the perfect impact from a spicy cheese; especially if you are a fan of chipotle. Add it in a quiche or even a toasted sandwich on a cool winter night for some fun!

Habanero Cheddar

If you are feeling brave; and if jalapenos or peppers don't do the trick for you, then try out Habanero Cheddar for that extra spice! While cheddar can be enjoyed by the slice, this spicy cheese can be added to a sauce to enjoy with mild chicken for that extra flavour, without the extra work!