7 Delicious Types of French Cheese You Must Try

Brie cheese
Brie cheese. Credit: DanaTentis / Pixabay

Are you an avid cheese lover? If you love these deliciously soft and scrumptious titbits in your meal, then you are sure to appreciate the cheese produced in France, where food is almost artistically loved.

Learn about these seven popular cheese varieties manufactured in the French region, and prepare to fall in love with cheese all over again! You won’t be disappointed!


Named after the French region called Brie, the cheese is equally popular among the locals for being soft, supple and delicious. This cheese is light in colour with a greyish rind and is produced in the shape of a wheel. Enjoy it with some cool wine for the best meal!


Reblochon. Coyau / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

Reblochon is a semi-soft cheese made in France and known for the colour varying from ivory, yellow to orange in colour. Made from the rich and thick milk of a cow the cheese has developed a slightly nutty taste that can be enjoyed with baked potatoes, on a cheeseboard or even with a cool glass of Savoie.


Crumbly with a fine texture, Langres is made with cow's milk. It is slightly salty to taste with a strong smell. Try it once because the bite will melt in your mouth!


Boursin cheese
Boursin cheese at the centre. Credit: Geoffreyrabbit / CC BY-SA 4.0

Among the most popular kinds of French cheese, Boursin stands out because of its variety. It is produced with garlic, tomato, pepper and additional flavours to give this aromatic cheese a spicy taste.


As compared to the other cheese on this list, the size of Cantal cheese is larger. If you are looking for a hard cheese with an equally strong flavour to pair with a glass of sweet wine, then Cantal is a good choice!


Comte is widely regarded as among the richest in the flavour profiles when it comes to French cheese. Made in Eastern France from unpasteurized cow's milk, this cheese is pale yellow with a slightly salty and nutty aftertaste. You can enjoy this with salads, sandwiches and even appetisers!


Munster cheese
Munster cheese. Credit: Mario M. Lommersum / CC BY-SA 4.0

Munster is made with unpasteurized cow's milk and is popularly known for its pungent taste and strong odour. Unlike most cheese, Munster is flavoured with cumin and a red coloured rind that is slightly humid because of repeated washing. Enjoy the tangy taste with some delicious full-bodied red wine. Cheers!