Perfect Cheese Varieties to have this Thanksgiving

Cheese platter
Credit: Pxfuel

The holiday season is right around the corner, which means more time for you to enjoy with your friends and more time to host home parties for the children. Everyone loves a good cheese board, and Thanksgiving is the perfect time for you to showcase your culinary skills. Wine, dine and add these popular cheeses to be the talk in town! Cheers!



Cheddar is among the very many kinds of cheese you can enjoy straight off the board. This particular cheese is created by many manufacturers all over the world. Cheddar is hard, yellow and can be eaten with a cold flavoured beverage of your choice. Put this cheese on your board, and the kids will love it!


Chiriboga Blue

A classic blue-veined cheese has to be on your holiday cheeseboard list, without fail! A crumbly soft blue cheese like Chiriboga Blue offers a soft creamy texture that will melt in your mouth with just one bite. Have fun with this mild textured cheese, combined with a Pinot Noir or a sweet fruit of your choice. Cheers!



Brie is a classic cheese that works well on a cheeseboard in any festive season. This soft cheese is a crowd favourite, and you can serve it up by the wheel. Serve it with cold-cut meat of your choice, or grab a few fruits and nuts to make your platter look pretty, and you are golden! You will win the best host award!



Gouda and fruits
Credit: Unsplash

Rich, creamy and filled with flavour, the Gouda cheese works well on a Thanksgiving cheese board. You can enjoy the cheese with some fruits or try pairing it with strong beer stouts to bring out the cheese flavour even more. Enjoy with some crackers, and you are all set!



For those who don't love goat cheese, Garrotxa will make them change their mind. The sweet earthy flavours pair well with this cheese, and a glass of red wine works well with the taste and texture. Try serving this grey mouldy cheese with nuts and watch your children's eyes light up!