Must-Have Cheese to Enjoy Mexican Food Dishes

Tacos with cheese
Tacos with cheese. Credit: Piqsels

There is something incredibly satisfying about enjoying food ladled with cheese, especially Mexican cuisine.

There are plenty of food options for the health-conscious, and Mexican dishes are known to be calorie-heavy, especially when cooked with different varieties of cheese. Try out homemade nachos or enchiladas, and let us know which one is your favourite!


Cotija is among the well-known kinds of Mexican cheese that are semi-hard and made with cow's milk. Similar to Feta cheese in texture, Cotja cheese is salty and crumbly and often sprinkled on salads, portions of pasta and soups. The cheese is also nicknamed as being the 'parmesan of Mexico'.

Monterey Jack

Monterey Jack is an American, Mexican hybrid cheese created in Monterey California. This cheese is semi-soft with a spicy zing, making it the best cheese for nachos. It is milder than other cheeses, is popularly used in cheese sauces and queso dips for some extra flavour.

Nachos with cheese dip
Nachos with cheese dip. Credit: Pixabay


Panela is from the cottage cheese family and is made with cow's milk, making it soft and creamy in taste. It is among the most loved kinds of cheese in Mexico, known for its ability to blend well with sauces. Use the Panela cheese for making quesadillas and enjoy it with chilli pepper. Cheers!

Queso Blanco

Crumbly in texture, Queso Blanco translates to 'snow white'. This cheese is both sweet and salty and melts easily when added to hot food. Mexican restaurants or food stalls will replace the traditional Mexican cheese with Queso Blanco in the popular dishes for an equally tasty surprise.

Quesadilla. Credit: Pxfuel


Originally from Spain, this cheese was introduced to Mexican cuisine after creating it using unpasteurised sheep's milk. In Mexico, a mixture of cow's and goat's milk is used to create a unique flavour profile of this cheese. Semi-soft, pale yellow and firm in texture, try Manchego cheese with open-face quesadillas. You will fall in love!