5 Cheese Varieties Popular for Weight Loss

Salad with Feta cheese
Salad with Feta cheese. Credit: Pxfuel

If you have ever thought cheese is just going to make you fat, then you are sorely mistaken!

This popular food delicacy is not just carb-laden and delicious to keep eating, but when taken in the right portion sizes, it can work wonders and even help you lose weight. You don’t ever have to choose between eating cheese or your diet, because you can do both with these healthy weight loss-aiding cheese varieties!

Feta Cheese

Feta cheese is known to be sprinkled in with fresh salads and can be eaten regularly because it contains fewer calories than any other cheese. Although feta cheese is higher in sodium, adequate consumption of water is recommended.

Ricotta Salata

Made with milk from either cows, sheep, buffalos, or goats, the Ricotta cheese is an excellent source of amino acids because it contains mostly whey protein. This cheese can help promote muscle growth and even help in weight control and management.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese with fruits
Cottage cheese with fruits. Credit: Pixabay

Cottage cheese is without a doubt among the most popular choices of cheese consumption when it comes to being on a diet or losing weight. Among many, this cheese has the best calorie to protein ratio and it also pairs well with healthy fruits and vegetables.

Swiss Cheese

One of the highest sources of Vitamin B12, Swiss Cheese is very well-known among diet lovers for the low sodium intake that it provides. The fermented cheese includes gut-friendly bacteria that are important for digestion and so is the vitamin intake for healthy blood cells.

Mozzarella Cheese

Mozzarella is packed with nutrients despite being the popular ingredient in creating carb-heavy pizzas. It is a great source of calcium necessary for bone growth and it is also less salty than many other cheese options.