Popular Semi-Soft Cheese You Should Try

cheese plate
Credit: Pixabay

Did you know that there are different textures in cheese besides being yellow or blue? Cheese comes from many regions over the world, and besides originating from the milk of several animals, it is hard, semi-soft or soft and crumbly depending on how it is created and for how long it is aged.

If you are someone looking for semi-soft cheese in the market, then check out our curated list of the five best varieties of semi-soft cheese.


Reblochon is an artisanal cheese made with cow's milk and is aged for at least 15 days. Interestingly enough, this cheese has an orange rind with an ivory body inside. The French cheese is nutty and fruity and works well on fresh-baked potatoes. Don't miss out on this unique flavour!


Originally from Campania, Bocconcini is a semi-soft cheese that is white and roughly the size of an egg. The small cheesy balls are creamy, elastic and slightly sweet. Grab some to bake fresh on homemade pizza dough or in any other baked vegetarian dishes. It pairs well with white wine!


Fontina Val D'aosta Cheese
Fontina Val D'aosta Cheese. Credit: Pixabay

Have you ever tried semi-cooked cheese? Fontina is made with cow's milk and is sweet, nutty and tangy. You can try this cheese with some fruity wine on a cheese board or some hot soups for a classic comfort meal. Winter is the best time to enjoy this cheese!


Oaxaca is a semi-soft cheese made in southern Mexico by taking inspiration from the cheese-making process created in Italy. The cheese is buttery, savoury and mild in taste, making it popular in Mexican cuisine. Enjoy your quesadillas and empanadas, especially during the holiday season!

Pepper Jack

Sandwich with pepper jack cheese
Sandwich with pepper jack cheese. Credit: Flickr / jeffreyw / CC BY 2.0

Created in Monterey, California, the Pepper Jack cheese is semi-soft as well as spicy and buttery. The creamy cheese is made with cow's milk and melts easily, perfect for enjoying a grilled vegetable cheese sandwich. Try it with some nachos, and let us know your thoughts!