Must-Have Cheeses for Holiday Entertaining

Cheese platter
Credit: Maxpixels

The holidays are right around the corner, and while it may not be as lavish as before, you still can invite close family and friends to spend the season’s festivities.

Holiday foods are laden with love and calories, and there is no better way to pack on the pounds than to add cheese on your menu. Add it to a meal, or prepare a cheese board with some of the best holiday cheeses for you to enjoy and entertain!

Bonne Bouche

Bonne Bouche is a vegetarian cheese that looks appealing on a cheese board and it tastes even better! The ash ripened goat cheese is soft, creamy and light which pairs well with a glass of Rose or Sauvignon Blanc. Try it out if you are daring to taste something different!


Roquefort cheese
Credit: Pixabay

Roquefort is a popular French blue cheese that displays complex flavours with hints of spiciness that may work well in salads. It is sharp and tangy in taste, but can also be added as a dressing to most food items for a hint of flavour.

Smoked Gouda

Popular in the Netherlands and all around the world, Smoked Gouda is a crowd favourite owing to its taste. Accounting for 50%-60% of the world consumption of cheese, it is well-liked when paired with some chocolate, nuts or fruit and even works with burgers or sandwiches.

Danish Blue

Danish blue cheese
Credit: Pixabay

If you are hosting a party, at least one type of blue cheese should be on the menu, and that is Danish Blue. It is a semi-soft blue-veined cheese that pairs well with a Cabernet. The nutty taste adds the perfect depth of flavour that you need to add some variety.

Cream Havarti

Prepared from cow’s milk, this cheese is made in Denmark and is a popular staple on any cheeseboard. It is semi-soft and very creamy with a smooth texture. Cream Havarti can be served with fruit and wine, and there are many flavours to the cheese including garlic, basil, cranberry and red pepper.