Variety of Cheese to have during Winter

Appenzeller cheese
Appenzeller cheese. Credit: Pixabay

Cheese is perhaps the most well-liked food ingredient by everyone from all age groups, whether you like to nibble it from time-to-time or if you like it in your dish as a topping. With winter approaching, comfort foods are at the top of everyone's list and so is a cheese!

Check out some of the best types of cheese that are popular during the cooler months of the year to enjoy with friends, family or even have on the top or to the side with your favourite meal.


Appenzeller is made from cow’s milk in Switzerland and is often referred to as the ‘Grandfather of Alpine cheese’. It has a buttery and nutty flavour, with a slightly tangy and fruity finish. The cheese is sold in three varieties that are aged over a few months to a few years.


Morbier cheese
Credit: Arnaud 25/CC BY-SA 4.0

Pure ivory in colour and made in France, Morbier has a rich texture and smooth creamy flavour making it a popular choice during the festivities. It has a strong aroma and this cheese is usually at the peak of its maturation during winter. Enjoy this delicious cheese with a glass of Pinot Noir.


Popular on the holiday cheese platter, Comte is known for being one of the finest cheese in the world. Made in France from cow’s milk, this creamy and nutty-tasting cheese works especially well during the winter season. It works well with simple dishes like an omelette, to trying it with some Amontillado sherry from Spain.


Cheese platter with Stilton
Credit: Acabashi/CC BY-SA 4.0

Prepared with pasteurised cow’s milk, Stilton is a blue-veined, pungent, semi-soft English cheese that is prepared during the early spring. After ageing for nearly nine months, this cheese comes up popular and fresh to use during the winter months. Enjoy it with some honey and caramelised walnuts or try it with a glass of nice port wine.


Winnimere is a cheese made from cow’s milk in the United States. It is washed in brine and wrapped up in a spruce bark giving it a rich texture and woody aroma and flavour. This cheese is only made during the winter and pairs well with dry wine or pieces of bacon.