List Of Most Popular Cheeses And How To Use Them

cheese plate
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Hand down, cheese is one of the most popular and useful food items. You can add a shred of cheese to anything to take the deliciousness of your favorite food to another level. Whether it is pizza, burger, curry, or your favorite style of sandwich, some amount of cheese just makes the perfect sense.

One more thing that is true for cheese is that everybody loves them alike - kids, youngsters, and elderly people as well. What is interesting is that there is a different cheese style for every age group. 

What Are The Top Types Of Cheese

As much as we love cheese, only a few of us know all kinds of cheese that are available in the market. Every kind has a different use. Some are cooked while many others can be eaten raw. Do you know how to use each of them? Well, don’t worry, we are here with a list of cheeses and how you can use them. Let’s get started:

Fresh or Tub Cheese

As the name suggests, this variety of cheese is super-fresh. Some of the examples of tub cheese include chèvre, ricotta, burrata, and buffalo mozzarella. You can eat them both young or as an ingredient in cooking. If you are having salad, you can sprinkle some shreds over it, or add it to a plate of pasta.

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Hard Cheese

Hard cheese is typically cooked with dished, however, in case you want you can have some plain in a small amount. The common favorites include reggiano, pecorino, and gouda. This variety of cheese is long-aged which adds a flavor to the dish. One of the best kinds of hard cheese is the gruyere cheese that is yellow in color and tastes sweet, but a bit salty at the same time. This is one of the finest and best cheeses for baking purposes, and you should know that a French onion soup is not complete in its absence. 

Soft Cheese

Soft cheeses can be eaten in different styles based on personal preferences. One can eat the rind, but it may be too heavy for some so it is better to peel it off before use. Crottins, humble fog, brie and camembert, and device de Bourgogne are some of the most popular soft cheeses you can try. 

Semi-Soft Cheese

Semi-soft cheese is widely used in sandwiches like muenster, Swiss, and Havarti. The semi-soft cheeses come in a variety of forms, textures, and flavors. Some are nutty, grainy, and some are kind of firm like cheddar. You can cook it, bake it, and some can be eaten plain as well. 

Every kind of cheese signifies a special occasion. If you want to cook pizza, you can go with mozzarella, and cottage cheese can be used with most curry-like dishes. You can combine different varieties of cheeses to give your dish a unique flavor. You have got to follow a simple rule: Your taste, your style. By following the tips stated above, you can choose the proper type of cheese for the meal you’re going to prepare.