Five Best cheeses that are perfect for grilling

Grilled hamburger
Credit: Pexels

Don’t you just love the way a block of cheese can melt and look so good on a slice of grilled food? With summer right around the corner, you can prepare your pantry for a grilled food party by stocking on some favourites. We have mentioned some popular kinds of cheese that work especially well while grilling meat and on a grilled cheese sandwich, but also other kinds of vegetables. Enjoy!


Gruyere is also known as Le Gruyere AOP and is made from cow’s milk in Switzerland. The sharp and sweet flavours work well with simply grilled burgers or sandwiches and a vegetable filling or they are used to make Croque monsieur. Try out the nutty and earthy taste with some good food and a drink of your choice!


There is no better kind of cheese than Halloumi when it comes to grilling. Originally from Cyprus, this cheese is semi-hard and made from either cow, sheep or goat’s milk. It has a high melting point when it comes to grilling food, and is delicious with some classic Greek dishes.

Grilled Halloumi
Grilled Halloumi. Credit: Pixabay


Kefalotyri has a slight increase in the taste of saltiness and hardness with a little bit of tang. Once it is grilled, it is softer to chew than even halloumi. This kind of cheese is traditionally served with an appetizer. Grill your meat or salmon, sprinkle some lemon juice and have fun with your food!

Salmon with cheese
Credit: Pixabay


Brie is a delicious cheese made in France from pasteurised cow’s milk. Besides enjoying the soft cheese on a classic grilled cheese sandwich it pairs well with some apples or any other fruit spread. Try Brie with slices of turkey or even sprinkle it with some sauteed mushrooms and enjoy the oozing goodness!


Provolone is a kind of cheese that you can enjoy during any grilling session. This cheese slice turns deliciously golden when placed directly on the grill and it continues to melt on the food, oozing through the food. We recommend trying it out on a slice of baguette with some chilli flakes or crushed peppers.