Popular Kinds of Traditional British Cheese

cheese plate
Credit: Pixabay

Has the ever-changing season got you feeling the travel bug? It may not be possible to visit and explore the historical architecture of cities in the United Kingdom. Still, it is possible to eat and enjoy their local cuisine straight at home. Get your family together and enjoy home-cooked recipes of England and the United Kingdom, starting from the delicious cheese! Enjoy!

Red Windsor

Red Windsor is among the most unique looking cheese made in the United Kingdom. This visually attractive cheese has a marbled look, including port and brandy incorporated with the semi-hard cheddar. Not only does this cheese look pretty on the cheese board, but it tastes good with a green salad.


Berkswell is made from pasteurized sheep’s milk and is traditionally prepared with a maturation time of nearly six months. The rustic orange-yellow mould of Berkswell cheese tastes acidic and fruity. This type of British cheese pairs well with a craft IPA. Cheers!


Sharpham Ticklemore or Ticklemore is made from pasteurized goat’s milk at the Sharpham Estate in the United Kingdom. The pure white cheese has a space-ship kind of shape and is regularly hand salted and has a deliciously moist and citrusy flavour. Enjoy this cheese with some cool white wine with some friends!

Stinking Bishop

Stinking bishop cheese
Stinking bishop cheese. Credit: PD Photo

Made from cow’s milk, Stinking Bishop is a British cheese that is perfectly suitable for vegetarians to enjoy. The creamy cheese has its rind washed in Perry, an alcoholic drink that gives off the pungent aroma and colour. The cheese has a strong flavour profile, but it works well with ice wine, port, or some crackers and biscuits.

Cornish Yarg

A delicious cheese made from pasteurized cow’s milk in England. Cornish Yarg is semi-hard and creamy with a slightly crumbly texture and a grassy aroma. Interestingly enough, this cheese is hand-painted with nettle leaves, and the maturation time can take up to 5 weeks.