7 Delicious Kinds of Danish Cheese to Try

Danish cheese
Credit: Pixabay

Are you dreaming of travelling and exploring the world when it opens? The easiest way to get around the world in today’s times is by ordering popular local dishes, but you can also enjoy the city and country by nibbling on their local cheese.

If you have not visited Denmark, then we have our top picks of the seven best Danish cheese you might not have known and definitely must try!

Cream Havarti

Cream Havarti is Denmark’s most well-known kind of cheese that is liked by locals and visitors. The added cream makes the cheese soft, fresh, light and buttery. Owing to its popularity, the cheese is flavoured with jalapeno, garlic, herbs or is used plainly as a dessert cheese when served with fruit and wine.


This is a popular cheese of Denmark that is aged from a few weeks to a couple of months. This ivory or light yellow coloured cheese tastes strong, creamy and thick with flavours ranging from mild to nutty and with buttery notes. The texture and taste of Danbo cheese get stronger with age which is why it is so popular!


It is a local Danish cheese named after a town on the island of Lolland. Maribo is yellow and made from cow's milk with a semi-hard texture. The flavour of the cheese gets stronger as the time for ageing varies and increases. The tangy cheese is also sometimes flavoured with caraway seeds as is the case in most Danish cheese.

Blue Castello

The blue-streaked cheese was first made in the 1960s, rich in flavour after being made with cow's milk and enriched in cream. Blue Castello is smooth and creamy, pairing well with dry wine, on salads or with crisp crackers. If you are a true cheese lover, you might even find a hint of mushroom aroma with a slight spice in the cheese flavour.


Made from cow’s milk, Esrom is a creamy, semi-soft cheese first made by the Cistercian monks in the 12th century. The rich and strong flavour profile combined with the history is what makes the cheese popular. It pairs well with beer, red wine or topped up in a casserole or a sandwich.

Danish blue cheese
Danish blue cheese. Credit: Pixabay

Danish Blue (Danablu)

Danish Blue is also popularly known as Danablu and is a soft blue-veined cheese popular among the locals of Denmark for its variety of use in local cuisine. It is creamy and gritty and can be crumbled in salads or sliced or spread in sandwiches and meals to add the zesty taste.


Mycella is made from pasteurized cow’s milk and is a prominent blue-green veined cheese mostly known for being used while making local sandwiches with chives, egg yolk and smoked herring. The cheese is moist and creamy, with a mild aromatic taste.