The Best Kinds of Cheese to Enjoy in Spring

cheese platter
Credit: Pixabay

There is something incredibly refreshing while enjoying a seasonal meal, especially because it is so fresh! Fruits and vegetables are not the only ingredients to keep in mind while cooking and shopping.

Check out some fruity fresh options of cheese that are perfect for the spring season. Not only will your meal complement the season, but the palette will bring a whole new level of food experience for you to enjoy!

Hard Cheese

If you are someone who loves a little savoury flavour in their cheese profile, then try out picking out cheese like Grayson, Mountaineer or even Appalachian which age well during the springtime. Produced by the Meadow Creek Dairy the delicate taste of the cheese can be enjoyed with some cool ciders or even with figs and toasted hazelnuts.

Fresh Cheese

Spring signifies the start of the season, and there is no better time to serve up some freshly prepared cheese like Chevre, Brebis or even Fromange Blanc. These types of cheese are relatively quick to make, and having them fresh from milk to cheese can be excellent while preparing a seasonal feast or simply to snack on with a beverage of your choice.

Fromage Blanc cheese
Fromage Blanc cheese Credit: Pancrat / CC BY-SA 3.0

Soft-Ripened Cheese

Soft-ripened cheese aged for a month or less is some of the perfect early-season produce you can enjoy. Different producers release different cheese in several batches, and buying a fresh lot of Nettle Meadow Kunik can make a delicious pairing with fresh fruits, especially strawberries for your cheeseboard.

Seasonal Flavoured Cheese

Spring is the season of fresh bloom, and believe it or not, some kinds of cheese have flowers incorporated in the manufacturing process. There are ways to prepare this flavour of cheese at home, but you can always buy Alp Blossom, Honey Bell or even Elderflower Cheddar online or straight from the producer. Give it a try and let us know how you like it!