Great Cheese and Fruit Pairings

Cheese and Fruit pairing
Credit: Pixabay

Are you preparing for hosting a party? A Cheeseboard should definitely be on your list when you expect company, especially when you have drinks as well.

While cheese and wine pairings are common enough to be known, cheese with fruits is a combination that is unique and not many people add it to their menu. Here, we have mentioned the top three cheese and fruit pairings that will make you a hit at your party among all your friends!

Cheddar Cheese and Apple

The deep and nutty cheddar cheese combines with a wide variety of fruits and is also quite a crowd pleaser at parties. Cut out of a block of cheddar and pair with up with some apple wedges to get the perfect sweet and nutty flavour that you always wanted.

Since cheddar cheese and apples make such an irresistible combo, you can elevate your apple pie by adding cheddar cheese. You can bake the cheddar into the crust or sprinkle a generous amount of grated cheese on your freshly baked pie. The complex flavour makes this pairing a veritable favourite.

Gouda and Grapes

Gouda and grapes

Gouda cheese is available in a variety of types. While the milder ones are perfect for a pizza or sandwiches, the stronger aged gouda cheese is perfect for pairing up with grapes. The stronger flavour of the cheese comes out perfect when you compliment it with the sour and sweet grapes.

Since most wines are made from fermented fresh grape extracts, it’s no wonder gouda goes well with your favourite vino. So, grape wine can be an excellent alternative if you don’t have fresh grapes to pair with gouda. Try a full-bodied wine like cabernet sauvignon. Other varietals like riesling, pinot noir, chardonnay, Grenache, and Beaujolais also taste divine with this delightful Dutch cheese.

Feta Cheese and Watermelon

Feta Cheese and watermelon is often an underappreciated and not quite known combination. Watermelon is deliciously perfect for summertime, and when you pair the sweet, juicy fruit with the salty cheese, it forms the perfect pair. Slice up the watermelon, sprinkle or add a scoop of feta cheese and have it straight from the bowl! 

If you’re looking for fresh fruits to pair with your favourite cheeses, fruit and vegetables delivery offers a convenient option. You can choose from a wide selection of fruit and vegetables delivered to your doorstep. Aside from convenience, another advantage is the freshness of produce because they’re sourced from local farms. Furthermore, they pack your orders in eco-friendly boxes or gift baskets.


You can’t go wrong with the above cheese and fruit pairings for snacks or as appetizers. Cheese also matches beautifully with wine for unwinding after a stressful day. Choose fresh fruits and high-quality cheese for a fantastic food pairing experience.