Best 5 Hard Cheese You Must Taste

hard cheese
Credit: Pixabay

Cheese is perhaps the most interesting food item you will ever find! Not only is it prepared all over the world, but each region has a particular speciality. You can pair cheese with wine and fruits or even have a cheese board with some of the most decadent flavours combine.

And if you are interested particularly in hard cheese, then don’t fret. We have mentioned the most delicious hard cheese you must try whether you are travelling or find them at the store.

Swiss Cheese

Swiss cheese on salad
Credit: Pixabay

This shiny and pale yellow cheese is usually sweet and has milky nutty flavours. Seen popular in cartoons as well, the Swiss cheese has holes known as ‘eyes’ which make for its distinctive appearance. It can be tasted with pears, apples, salami and even prosciutto ham while you enjoy a sip of red wine.


Credit: CC / Gruyere alpage

Made from cow’s milk, the Gruyere cheese is named after the Swiss village from where it originates. It is creamy, unpasteurised and is of a dark yellow colour compared to Swiss Cheese. The flavour varies from fruity to earthy and nutty tones at the end.

Cave Rebel

This cheese is super creamy and made from the purest cows that are fed dried hay, herbs and grains of cows. Without any fermented foodstuff, Cave Rebel has a particular aroma of malt and dark caramel for you to enjoy.

L’Amuse Signature Gouda

The L’Amuse Signature Gouda is made from pasteurised cow’s milk and is a Dutch hard cheese that is popular in Northern Holland. It is considered the best of all gouda cheese and has a tempting nutty and velvet texture paired with salty caramel and hazelnut flavours.

Sartori Reserve Raspberry Bellavitano

The cheesy and nutty brown flavours can be paired deliciously with the sweet ruby red raspberries. The Sartori Reserve Raspberry Bellavitano is a signature of the Sartori original and is literally soaked in Raspberry Tart Ale which gives its delicious flavour.