Five Essential Kinds of Cheese for Hosting a Casino Night

Credit: Unsplash

After a long week, you might want to unwind over the weekend. For most people, an excellent way to make their weekend worthwhile is to invite a couple of their buddies for some beers, talk, whip up some ribs on the old grill and play some good casino games.

Alternatively, you and your friends can decide to partake in your favorite casino games at the comfort of your home. You can draw some US online casino inspiration for an augmented experience.

After the games, you are sure to have a bunch of hungry buddies to deal with at your party. Further, a party is not complete without something to appease the participants’ appetites. For a large group of people whose primary purpose is to unwind, a full buffet would be a stretch. The workload involved in preparing and cleaning after the event would probably outweigh any fun experienced that day; hence snacks and beverages would be the perfect fit for casino night.

What snacks, to be precise? Cheese based snacks fit the bill perfectly for these situations. Cheese being tasty and easily complementary to other snacks, has a wide range that allows you to savor the taste of the casino night. Here are five kinds of cheese for hosting a casino night.

1. Mozzarella

When coupled with softened cream cheese, you can use this soft Italian cheese to make the holy grail of casino party nights cheese spread dice. Cheese Spread dice is a perfect snack for casino night, both literally and figuratively. The other ingredients required to make this dish is cream cheese, shredded onion, minced parsley and Worcestershire sauce.

The dice shape is bound to be a mood booster for you and your friend as you take turns playing your favorite online game. The dish, however, requires patience as it will take at least two days to prepare. Therefore, you might have to tell your buddies to rsvp lest they miss out on this savory delight.

2. Cheddar

A semi-firm cheese is characterized by a subtle but rich flavor when the cheese melts in your mouth. Its taste varies from bitter and sharp in flavor to creamy and sweet, depending on how long it has aged. Color-wise, it is either orange or white, but this doesn’t affect the taste. Cheddar can be paired alongside pepperoni, roasted almonds, sliced salami, apples and pears. For drinks, some pale ale might go well or a sauvignon.

Cheese and cracker platter can be made using cheddar and maybe the best snack if you want to unwind and play online casino games without the hassle that comes with meal preparation. Just whip out the fruit and cheese or cheese and veggies combo.

3. Parmesan

This type of cheese is often used together with Italian mozzarella as a pizza topping. However, you can use it independently in cases where mozzarella isn’t available.

What party food can replace the fan favorite easy to cook or order Pizza? Fast food pizza may be convenient, but food with a homely feeling might be better preferred and even more appreciated during a game night.

You can easily prepare some home-made pizza for your buds. You will begin by toasting sliced pieces of bread till they turn golden brown. You then add tomatoes and other ingredients on top of the toasted slices, then you grate cheese and round off the process by covering the toasts and the other components with cheese.

You then bake the mini pizza until the cheese melts on top. There is the recipe required to make this tasty casino night meal. This meal will go a long way to augment your home casino gaming experience. With a full stomach and a satisfied tongue, you and your buddies will have enough energy to carry on with the games till dawn.

4. Triple cream Brie

This is a must-have for anyone who plans to enjoy a plate of cheese, much less a good one. With a vibrant buttery flavor that meshes exceptionally well with the extra cream, this is absolute heaven for your tastebuds.

Made from edible mold cultures and yeast, this dish is hard to resist. The core is made of extra milk enhanced with cream, making it buttery. The butterfat content lies at about 75%.

Crackers, apples, grapes, berries and healthy alcoholic drinks like champagne go well with this. This is a perfect snack for you and your buddies, especially after counting your winnings after a fruitful online gaming session.

With the bonuses bound to make your winnings larger, why not celebrate in style with this snack and some champagne that drives the experience to the boarder lines of mimicking the Las Vegas in-house gaming and gambling experience.

5. Manchego

Manchego belongs to the same group as the cheddar cheese, only that it comes with a subtle but rich flavor. It is often served alongside accompaniments like marmalade, honey, and Quincy paste, spreadable on Spanish crackers, walnuts, and olives.

For drinks, the nut-brown ale might be the best pairing drink for those fond of beer. With this meal, you will just need to cut and set it out on a table alongside the accompaniments. This furthers the debate that Manchego is an easy cheese meal, making it perfect for a party snack.

As for taste, it is nutty, a bit tangy and has a hint of grassy flavor. It is creamy, but not to the levels of the Brie but is also very high in butterfat content. This would be an ideal snack for casino night.

For parties that may involve some form of online games, food and snacks are essential mood boosters. Hopefully, these cheese snacks might make it into your final list when you decide to have fun and participate in one of your legendary casino nights with friends and family. As you shine with the gaming skills, you can also take time to teach them one or two things about cheese as well.