Beer and Cheese Pairings You Must Try

Cheese and beer pairings
Credit: Pixabay

If you have heard about wine and cheese pairings, then you definitely should try out some tasty cheese with a cold beer on a hot summer day. Don’t cringe! While these two combinations sound completely different, the texture of each cheese mentioned with the taste of the beer can create truly tasty treats! Definitely keep an open mind and read more to find out how you can try out your beer with some popular cheese.

IPA or Pale Ale with Cheddar

Pale Ale and cheese
Credit: Pixabay

Popular amongst all cheese lovers, cheddar is found everywhere and is easy on the wallet as well. You can pair the crumbly texture of this pale yellow hard cheese with the American Pale Ale. In fact, the tropical fruits and citrus hops that are found in a beer like Cigar City’s Jai Alai make it worthwhile to have a taste! Don’t judge before you try as the acidic taste in beer complements the cheese very well.

Barleywine with Blue Cheese

Barley wine

Credit: CC / Jazz Guy

Don’t think too much about the name as Barleywine or Barley Wine is one strong and intense beer you can taste. This particularly strong alcoholic beverage has a wide variety of flavours and the sweet and slightly strong beer matches perfectly with the salty taste and texture of the blue vein cheese. Definitely give it a try!

Belgian Dubbel with Beaufort

Belgian Dubble
Credit: CC / Andreador

Belgian Dubbel is a yeasty yet sweet Belgian beer that truly packs a punch! The beer has 8.2% alcohol and naturally needs a strong cheese pairing to go with it. Try out the remarkable Beaufort that originates from France. The cheese is not only creamy and nutty but rich and fruity and goes perfectly with a strong drink like the Belgian Dubbel. Don’t miss out on this unique pairing!