Most Popular Cheese to Have During Summer

Tomato n Mozzarella skewers
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Summer is finally around the corner! It is officially time to take out your summer dresses and shorts and bring out the chilled beer and wine as you cool down and relax.

While you host some amazing summer parties, find out the best possible cheese to buy, not only for beer and wine pairings but also especially for the summer season. Buy a stock so you have plenty to munch on!


Cheese with Mozzarella and Japapeno
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Caprese skewers made with cherry tomato, basil mozzarella and olive oil are a great appetizer for the summer. Freshly made and wonderfully used on pizzas is the famous mozzarella cheese. The decadent and creamy cheese is wonderful to use for making a grilled cheese sandwich, or even sprinkle it on an omelette. You can also add the mozzarella cheese with a little pasta or on cold salads for the perfect meal.


Starter Ricotta
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Known also as Italian cottage cheese, Ricotta cheese is perfect for the summer season because it can be used on a wide variety of food items. Pair it with toast, bagels, on fruits or with yoghurt and even use ricotta cheese in dips, as a starter or in cookie sandwiches to get the best possible use. Sprinkle it with honey and watch the taste explode!


Feta cheese on salad
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Not for the faint of heart, feta cheese is usually an acquired taste and a little bit salty on the mouth. It is a light cheese used especially on salads, appetizers and even on some desserts as well. Try it out before you buy and have fun enjoying it with some meat and even on a pizza!

Fresh Goat Cheese

Goat cheese on salad
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Creamy, soft and with a little bit of tang, fresh goat cheese is the best choice to have with your meal on a hot summer day. Add it with an omelette, some salads, with fruits or even add it with some grilled vegetables to have a healthy zesty meal that is easy to cook!