Amazing Types of Middle East Cheese to Enjoy

Flickr / stu_spivack / CC BY 2.0

Who doesn’t love a delicious cheese spread? Whether it is in a salad or on a sandwich this decadent food is a favourite for everybody including the young and old.

If you are a salad lover, check out some of our favourite Middle Eastern types of cheese that you can have either by itself or with your favourite meal. Don’t forget to try out some and do let us know your favourite kind.


Labneh is a delicious low-calorie cheese made from strained yoghurt. It is super easy to make at home and works as a delicious spread for bagels. You can have the soft, creamy cheese with bread, fruits and vegetables including adding it to your omelette.


Halloumi resembles the tasty mozzarella cheese. This cheese has a high melting point which makes it easy to fry or grill the cheese without losing the shape. You can have it with a watermelon, a salad or even with some cold beer.

Jibneh Arabieh

Made from cow's milk, this semi-hard white cheese is popular in the Middle East. Jibneh Arabieh (Jibni) can be eaten with vegetables and picked olives, or sunny-side up like the locals. It is also used in sweet and savoury pastries like Kanafeh.


Testouri is a type of cheese made from sheep or goat’s milk and is usually shaped like an orange. This cheese hails from Egypt and is eaten usually with a sprinkle of salt.


Naboulsi is a semi-hard type of cheese that is popular in the Middle East, mainly Syria and Lebanon. It is produced from sheep or goat’s milk and can be eaten fresh with caraway seeds or when it is fried. It is also the main ingredient in Qatayef pastry.