The Best Blue Cheese for Salad Toppings

Blue cheese
Credit: Pxhere

Whether you are a cheese lover, or simply like a sprinkling on your salad, blue cheese has to be on your recipe list! While the taste and smell can bother some people, many love this cheese type because of the texture and taste.

If you are new in the cheese world and want to try something exciting, we have mentioned our favourite blue cheese brands you can use for your meals at home.


Roquefort is a semi-soft blue cheese made in France and particularly known for being created with sheep’s milk. Nicknamed as the ‘cheese of kings and popes’, this sharp, tangy blue cheese is crumbled and used in salads and dressings in everyday meals.

Danish Blue

The Danish Blue (Danablu) cheese is much creamier and milder compared to others in the blue cheese category. They don't have a lot of blue veins, but the texture is crumbly and the flavour is sharp and salty like most types of cheese.

Blue cheese on salad
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Maytag Blue 

The Maytag Blue is one of the best types of cheese in this category and is known for its lemony, tangy taste with a crumbly texture. Made from cow's milk, this cheese is perfect on salads and crackers and tastes well when melted on burgers. Have a bite with a glass of ale and enjoy a cool salad on a hot summer day!


Paired with sherry and port wine, the Stilton cheese is a type of blue cheese made in only three counties of Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire. This is a typical British cheese, with spicy and strong flavours.


Made in the Italian regions, the Gorgonzola is one of the oldest types of blue-veined cheese. The crumbly cheese with nutty flavours takes about 3-4 months to ripen and can be eaten in many ways and served with different wines like Zinfandel.