Unique Cheese and Chocolate Pairings to Taste

chocolate truffles
Credit: Pixabay

Cheese and chocolate are both uniquely popular and uniquely different from each other. But, have you ever tried having them with each other during a meal?

There are many different types of cheese, and pairing it with dark, white or even milk chocolate has to be perfect for one to complement the other. If you are looking to experiment, we have recommended our top favourite cheese and chocolate pairings for you to enjoy. Buon Appetit!

Comte + Dark Chocolate Truffle

Comte is a French cheese that is nutty and made from cow’s milk. The roasted nutty aroma and the fresh fruity flavours make it a good partner with the dark chocolate truffle. Pair it up together to enjoy the decadent chocolate bitterness with a sweet finish.

Monterey Jack + Milk Chocolate

Monterey Jack is a relatively mild cheese to enjoy with any type of food you enjoy. The smooth and nutty flavour of the Monterey Jack cheese works well with the richness of the milk chocolate. Pair these two up and you will have a powerful duo that will make you enjoy a well-deserved meal!

Washed Rind Cheese + Fruit and Nut Chocolate

The well known washed rind cheese has different varieties manufactured and they are semi-hard and soft with a nutty flavour. The rich earthiness of the cheese as well as the complex texture pairs well with a dried fruit and nut chocolate.

Pepper Jack + Milk Chocolate

There is no better way to perfectly mix spicy and sweet than with Pepper Jack and milk chocolate. The spiciness of the cheese works well with the smooth and creamy milk chocolate, elevating the sweetness of the chocolate and giving you the perfect balance of sweet and savoury during a meal.