Tasty Vegetarian Cheese to Try

Feta cheese with melons
Feta cheese. Credit: Pixabay

Cheese comes in a variety of different shapes and sizes, but it also has different ingredients that may or may not be good for your body. If you are allergic or don’t eat non-vegetarian food items, then it would be best to try and research the types of cheese that work well for you.

Check out our list of preferences when it comes to vegetarian cheese, and enjoy this food without breaking your preferred diet!

Organic Feta

The tangy and salty flavour of the Organic Feta cheese makes it well-known especially for fitness lovers. The cheese is soft and is usually made in blocks that are available in any department store. Feta cheese works well when it is crumbled and used on top of salads.

Amul Processed Cheese

Made in India, the Amul Processed Cheese is created from cow or buffalo milk using microbial rennet. Popular in the country for its creamy taste, it is available in a variety of shapes including blocks and slices and pairs well with fruits like melons and apples, especially on a hot summer day!

Camembert cheese. Credit: Pixabay

Blythedale Camembert

Blythedale Camembert is a French cheese that has classic earthy flavours and is made with pasteurised cow’s milk. The delicate flavour of the cheese makes it desirable to have with a baguette, during breakfast. 

Mozzarella (Australian)

This Australian Mozzarella is commercially popular cheese known among people all over the world. Mozzarella has an Italian origin and works well with pasta, pizza and even calzones because of its milky texture and smooth sweet taste that works well after it is melted and served hot.

La Vache Qui Rit

La Vache Qui Rit is a cheese made in France, whose literal translation means ‘The Laughing Cow’. It is designed to be eaten as a snack or on the go and is internationally popular because it goes well with bagels, crackers and is even used as a spread on toast.