Travel Destinations Every Cheese Lover Should Visit

Cheese shop in Netherlands
Cheese shop in Netherlands. Credit: Pixabay/djedj

An ancient food that predates recorded history, cheese has found its way into our everyday speech. An important person is a “big cheese”. A lame joke is “cheesy”. Posing for a photograph? Say “cheese!” 

The origin of the word can be found in the Latin word ‘caseus’, meaning ‘to ferment’ or ‘to sour’. This is an adequate description of how cheese is made, but it doesn’t encapsulate how cheese makes you feel. 

We know that you love cheese as much as we do. So we put together this list of European travel destinations that every cheese lover should visit. 


To be fair, there are so many reasons why a trip to Italy should be on your bucket list. And a yacht charter in Italy is the gateway to beautiful Italian islands. But one of these, Sicily, is also a cheese lover’s ideal vacation spot.  

After a day of sailing, all that fresh air is bound to have stimulated your appetite. So you’ll be delighted to discover Putia Dell'Ostello, a 24-hr restaurant tucked in a cave in Catania, Sicily. 

Enjoy platters of selected cheeses, or if you want something special, their scrumptious sautéed field vegetables with sausage and artisan mozzarella. 


Yet another cheese lover’s dream destination is France, in particular the region of Normandy, a stunning coastal area in the north of France. Even the French word for cheese, “Fromage”, sounds romantic and magical. 

This is fitting, as Camembert cheese is often used in out-of-this-world desserts. Here in the birthplace of Camembert cheese, you’ll learn all about its production and history. Sample cheese at the rural fromageries, and be sure to visit the cheese museum in Vimoutier.

When you’ve had your fill of the delicious local cheeses, you can head to the beach to try out some water sports and burn off those extra calories. Whether you want to try windsurfing, snorkelling, or simply want to relax on the beach, any of the above will help to finish off your French cheese tour in the most memorable way possible.


It will be no surprise to you that Switzerland made our list. Who doesn’t love a bit of Swiss cheese? 

And Emmentaler cheese, made from raw Alpine milk, is the most exported Swiss cheese of them all. Tour the picturesque countryside while meeting traditional cheesemakers along the way, on the Emmentaler Cheese Route.


The English love their cheese so much, that they have dedicated festivals around it. The art of cheese rolling dates from the early 1800s, and possibly even earlier. 

The village of Stilton hosts an annual cheese rolling championship. Wooden replicas of blue cheese are rolled down the streets in a festive affair, with many of the competitors dressed in fun costumes. Of course, Stilton cheese is the main prize, along with beer or wine.


Last but not least, the Netherlands is a top destination for any cheese lover. Do you love a bit of Gouda in a sandwich? How about when making cheese-based dishes like quiche or mac and cheese? After a day cruising the captivating canals of Amsterdam or Rotterdam, what could be better than having a picnic on board, consisting of a variety of Dutch cheeses and other local specialties?

Most of us know that Edam and Gouda are of Dutch origin, but there are several other kinds of cheese to be found here. Discover them in the little town of Alkmaar at their now world-famous weekly Alkmaar Cheese Market. With the sellers all dressed in quaint traditional clothing, you’ll feel as though you stepped back in time.