Top Unique Cheeses to Try in 2018

cheese n fruits
Credit: Pixabay

The annual cheese day of 2018 may be over, but this deliciously soft, and calorie-laden food item is a favourite for everyone all year round. With most dishes including cheese in their menu, we give you some of 2018’s most popular cheese types to get you to increase your palette. Buon Appetite!


Credit: Myrabella / CC BY-SA 3.0

Considered one of the finest cheeses in the world, Comte originates in a country where food is very popular; France. Tasting slightly of roasted nut and brown butter, this cheese easily goes well with many recipes because of its low melting point like fondues of Croque Monsieur.


Fresh sliced Halloumi cheese
Fresh sliced Halloumi cheese. Credit: PD Photo

Originating from Cyprus in the Middle East, this wonderful unique cheese is best served over salads or sandwiches. Halloumi is often grilled and the slightly firm and salty yet, creamy taste gives off the impression of having grilled chicken.

Le Chevrot

Le Chevrot is yet another cheese originating from France and produces in the central western region. Made from raw goat’s milk, the cheese has a creamy and fruity taste. If you are someone who loves fresh goat cheese paired with some excellent white wine, then this is definitely for you.


Credit: PD Photo

Another unique find on our list of cheese this year is Cabrales from Spain. This semi-hard, blue cheese is a mixture of raw cows, goats and sheep milk and then aged. With a slightly acidic and sharp taste, the Cabrales is definitely an acquired taste and works well with red wine.